MidTN Technology is owned and operated by Ken Ivey, aka ‘the Web Czar’.

Drawing on over 20 years of internet experience, Ken has been helping business embrace technology since 1987. He is a business consultant, writer, web designer, and president of MidTN Technology.

What it means to be a MidTN Technology Client:

* First, we listen attentively to your objectives – and we work with you to creatively craft a solution, and once agreed – deliver engaging results.
* You will always get fast and friendly responses to inquiries or service requests.
* We’ll provide a professional look that works; with style that reflects your identity.

Social responsibility

This is something that is very close to our hearts. We are extremely lucky to be involved with a number of incredible community projects, charities and social enterprises – you will see references to them regularly in our blog. We hope you will take the time to find out more about them and the ways in which they are contributing to our community.

But there’s more to it than just our community service. While consumers vote with their dollars, businesses can equally influence their environment and perhaps change the world by being selective about those they choose to do business with.

People work with people they like, and businesses work with like-minded businesses.  The passion we have for what we do comes from our freedom to stay true to these principles.

This is where our mission statement comes in. If you like what you see, it’s highly likely that we’re going to get along. Our outlook on business can be distilled into three principles:

  • Our clients deserve our very best
  • We are responsible and ethical corporate citizens
  • We choose to serve The Lord in all we do.

Much of our success can ultimately be traced back to remaining true to these principles. Our growth is simply a side-effect of working with organizations that believe – as we do – that business is not only about profit.

Recent honors:

  • The American Association of Webmasters 2007-2008 “Gold Web” Award for outstanding achievement in web design, content and creativity
  • The 2007 Dove Award for “Making a Difference”.

Client Love

"As a small business owner, I knew how critical visibility on the web was, but didn't know where to start. Ken Ivey at MidTN Technology worked with me to upgrade my website... and taught me many ways I could get my business noticed on the internet - that I didn't know existed. I fully recommend MidTN Technology for not only the expertise, but also for the personal service and professionalism."

Kathy Fix, President, Staging Dreams, Murfreesboro, TN