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Facebook Timeline for Pages

Facebook is Changing and YOU Need to Know What to do to Make the Switch – Time Is Running Out and Facebook Will Migrate all Business Pages to the New Timelines Layout as of March 30th

You have a small window of time to get ahead of the pack and unveil your new Timelines page.

Check out these Recent Changes to Facebook Pages

    • A new MASSIVE cover image spanning more then 800 pixels
    • Ability to PIN posts up to a week
    • New Navigation so fans can go back and view your page at any point in the past
    • Milestones to define your page’s great moments
    • Ability to Star engaging posts to span across your entire page
    • Hide or delete posts that are out of date or embarrassing
    • Daily snapshots of your pages insights
    • Newly designed and organized admin panel
    • Private messaging from fans
    • AND, Friend Activity Feed to add social proof to your page

Whether you like it or not, Facebook is changing. Some people aren’t big fans of the new Timelines layout. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re here to stay. But with the proper know-how from our Timelines for Pages guide, you’ll be able to turn your business pages into an attractive and engaging place for all your fans and new users. You’ll actually be one of the few who are prepared.

Facebook is always evolving – it’s also continually growing with 850 million active users. As a business or marketer, you know you need to be up-to-date and be one of the first to make these changes or you’ll be left behind.

Eliminating the possiblilty to have a default landing tab has been a big blow to most people marketing on Facebook. It was THEE most important feature according to the experts. Not only have they been eliminated, but the new replacement cover image (among may other changes) are NOT allowed to be promotional. Meaning no “Click Like” or “Opt-in Below”.

Default landing pages were an excellent way to convert users into fans. Now, however, pages will have to rely on more visually captivating images – short, sharp ‘About’ blurbs – and engaging content. This, in addition to choosing to pay for Facebook Ads to drive traffic to their new 800+ pixel custom pages.

By Downloading My Free Timelines for Pages Guide You’ll be Able to Adapt Swiftly To These Changes

My Guide Covers…

    • How to Effectively Use the New Cover Image to Better Your Brand
    • Making Full Use of the About Section to Grab Users Attention
    • Apps: Which Ones to Show and How to Change Thumbnails
    • Pinning Posts for Maximum Exposure
    • Anchoring Posts that Matter
    • Milestones – their Significance and How to Use Them
    • Tips on Starring Posts to Strengthen Viewership
    • New timeline activity allows fans to search deep back into your page’s past
    • Snapshot of your pages Insights – lets you know what’s working and what’s not.
    • New Admin Panel Features and How to Get Things Done Faster
    • A In-Depth Look at the NEW Activity Log
    • A Friend Feed displaying what fans & friends are saying about your business.
    • And SO MUCH MORE….

Signup below and you can get ALL this information for FREE! I’ll send you an exclusive in-depth guide on using Facebook’s new features and making the switch to the new Timelines layout seamless.

If, after looking through the guide, you’re not comfortable doing it yourself or having someone in your company take care of all the new changes that you’ll need to implement, don’t worry, I can take care of the hard work for you. Simply enter your name and email address in the form below to get your free Timelines guide.

After you’ve had some time to go over the guide, I’ll have someone follow-up with you. If you want to do everything in-house, no problem. If you want me to take care of just one small aspect of your Facebook page – like say re-designing your new cover image, no problem. And if you want me to completely take over your entire Facebook marketing campaign, I can do that too.

No pressure – whatever you decide, you can keep the Timelines for Pages guide as my gift to you.

Just fill in your  email address below to get your hands on a copy.

Who Will Benefit From the Info in Our Timelines for Pages Guide?

Current Page Owners -If you own a Facebook Page and you’re unprepared for the new switch to Facebook Timelines OR, you want your NEW Facebook Page to have the maximum effectiveness it deserves to start getting noticed and getting new fans on Facebook. Business Owners -If you own a business and your presence on the Internet is either non-existant or out-of-date. Facebook’s change to the NEW timelines layout has leveled the playing field and now’s your chance to get started at the same spot as everyone else. New Page Owners -If you have been dying to get online for a while now and think this is the perfect time to start your Facebook page (you’re right! With the new Timelines, everyone is starting from ground zero). We’ll help set it up and give you the knowledge you need to continue on to Facebook stardom or we can take care of it all for you.

Timelines For Pages

So, According to Facebook’s S-1 filing, there were more than 37 million pages with 10 or more Likes as of Dec. 31, 2011. With the new Timelines design and buzz around the world, that number is sure to grow. The new design has caught a lot of attention and companies that resisted Facebook realize that’s no longer an option! Lucky for you, this whole new roll-out of Facebook’s Timelines has created a very interesting situation. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, is starting out on the same even playing field– ground zero. No one knows any more than you will once you’ve read this guide. Facebook’s platform as a marketing tool is still so brand new that even professional marketing teams have to test, try, analyze, tweak and repeat. Now is your chance to start at the same starting line as the other 37 million+ page owners and capture your users attention, get their Like, and turn fans into happy, loyal customers.

“Quit Scrolling Through The Internet Looking For Answers When They’re All Right Here…And at One Ridiculously Low Price -FREE!”

Think about it. Your Facebook page has the potential to bring in tons of happy, loyal customers. They come and buy from you because they know you – They Liked you on Facebook. They see your presence among that of their freinds everyday. You give them value, they give you their attention.

Face it… Marketing isn’t easy. But Marketing on Facebook is easy. It’s the same kind of marketing you do everyday. You market yourself everytime you interact with someone. And that’s what marketing is on Facebook. You create relationships, share your stories with one another, and always offer a helping hand.

The information in this exclusive guide details how your business can benefit from your relationships.

You could find heaps of information on Facebook out there, but due to the new Timelines change it is likely that many are out-date. And some of this out-of-date information can be as pricey as $197 or more.

Do yourself a favor and just get it all at no charge right here.

To Your Facebook Success!
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P.S. Stop wasting time, grab your free Timelines for Pages guide and start implementing the changes today! 

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