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UPDATE: Google is now merging Maps, Places and Google+ into what they’re calling “Google+ Local”, so all features can be found in one place.

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As you may or may not know, a Google Places listing is almost essential to your business’ overall Internet marketing success.  Over 97 percent of all consumers use search engines like Google to find local businesses; therefore a Google Places listing can go a long way in helping you establish the strong web presence that is so important to businesses in this age of technology.  Google Places is a relatively new interface, and many businesses are still figuring out how to use it to its optimal advantage.  In addition to having a strong Google Places listing, you may also use Google paid advertising to increase its effectiveness.  Want to know more?  Here is a guide to Google Places paid advertising:

Google Adwords Express.  Google launched Google Adwords Express as a paid advertising solution designed specifically for Google Places listings.  Although many large, national and international companies have been using Google Adwords for years as a powerful marketing tool, Google Adwords Express makes it easier for small local businesses to advertise to their target market – which is precisely what makes it ideal for Google Places listings.

How to use Adwords Express.  You can access Google Adwords Express directly from your Google Places listing.  The Adwords Express interface makes it super easy for you to submit an ad and have it running in under five minutes!  Simply fill out some basic information about your business that you want in your ad and Google will do the rest.

What you get with a paid Adwords Express ad?  In addition to your business advertisement, which will show up to the left side of Google search engine results and on related partner websites, you will also get a distinctive blue pin place marker on Google Maps, to show people exactly where your business location is.

Who will your ads reach?  Your Google Adwords Express ads will reach local customers who conduct a search for anything related to your business.  For example, if you are an Italian restaurant in New York City, people who search for “Italian restaurant New York City,” “Italian food New York City,” and “restaurants New York City” will be put face-to-face with your business advertisement.  Additionally, people in New York City who simply search for “Italian restaurants” will be shown your ad.  This includes people accessing the web through their smart phones.

How much do Adwords Express ads cost?  This is up to you.  Google will provide you with an estimation of how many clicks to your site you will get with your ad, and will only charge you for clicks.  From there, you can set your budget, and Google will advertise within your specified budget.

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