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As I watch the ranks of the Murfreesboro Web Design startups grow, part of me wonders – where is this coming from? Is every Tom, Dick, and Harry fresh out of high school going to hang a “Web Design” shingle on their door? 🙂

Ah, yes. I’ve slipped into the “Scarcity” mentality for a moment. The reality is, (now in Abundance Mode) that these new firms will only help Web Design in Murfreesboro. That’s because:

1. Competition keeps everyone on their toes.
2. More firms mean more help! Most firms are strong in most aspects of design, but not in others. For instance, we cater to small to medium sized businesses in Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee. Occasionally, we’ll have a client who requires extensive database integration – something we know we can do; but we know others who do it better. Or top-notch Flash programming. Our client will definitely benefit from some collaboration in these fields, and while we’d love to be able to claim to be experts in every aspect of web design, the reality is – no one is.
3. We’re growing by leaps and bounds – and our local economy is still strong, despite what you hear from the networks.

What a great place to live and do business! I’ve met many of the web design firm owners here in town, and most are very gracious and open to joint ventures on large or specialized projects. I love talking to business owner and entrepreneurs – and working with them to establish their online marketing goals – then putting together and executing a plan that meets their needs – all within today’s tight marketing budgets.

Here’s what Kathy Fix, Entrepreneur and Accredited Home Staging Professional says about us:

I’m a new small business owner, and although I had a web site set up for me by an acquaintance, it was very mediocre and limited. I met Ken Ivey through the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce .

After discussing what I was looking for and needing, Ken explained not only how what I had could be improved, but suggested many other ways I could get my business noticed on the internet – that I didn’t even know existed.

He totally upgraded my site … met with me in person multiple times … He always promptly returned any phone calls or e-mails from me.

His prices were also in line with my limited budget and I got more than got my monies worth …

I fully recommend MidTN Technology for not only the expertise, but also the personal service and professionalism. … and am happy to have been lucky enough to find some one to help me who really cares about my business needs.

Kathy Fix, Owner
Staging Dreams
Murfreesboro, TN

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Client Love

"As a small business owner, I knew how critical visibility on the web was, but didn't know where to start. Ken Ivey at MidTN Technology worked with me to upgrade my website... and taught me many ways I could get my business noticed on the internet - that I didn't know existed. I fully recommend MidTN Technology for not only the expertise, but also for the personal service and professionalism."

Kathy Fix, President, Staging Dreams, Murfreesboro, TN